Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos
The Pennsylvania State University
May 12-13, 2008


8:00 8:30COFFEE
8:30 8:42Owen, Ben Opening remarks
8:42 8:54 Hughey, Brennan Status of LIGO
8:54 9:06 Bondarescu, Mihai Coating noise - an important problem in gravitational wave detectors
9:06 9:18 Shawhan, Peter Recent and Ongoing Searches for Continuous-Wave GW Signals
9:18 9:30 Bondarescu, Ruxandra Spinning down newborn neutron stars: nonlinear development of the r-mode instabilityS
9:30 9:42 Kanner, Jonah LOOC UP: Finding optical transients with LIGO dataS
9:42 9:54 O'Shaughnessy, RichardHow can we use gravitational waves to best constrain astrophysical populations?
9:54 10:06 Kopparapu, Ravi kumar A gravitational-wave color-magnitude diagram for compact binary systems
10:06 10:48COFFEE
10:48 11:00 Desai, Shantanu Testing modified gravity theories with externally triggered gravitational wave searches
11:00 11:12 Lundgren, Andrew F(R) Gravity and the Chamelon EffectS
11:12 11:24 Tasson, Jay Recent Results on Lorentz Violation in Gravitational PhysicsS
11:24 11:36 Russell, Neil Bounds on Torsion based on Lorentz Violation tests
11:36 11:48 Kavic, Michael Transient pulses from exploding primordial black holes as a signature of an extra dimensionS
11:48 12:00 Ozer, Murat Rates of Charged Clocks in an Electric Field
12:00 1:48 LUNCH
1:48 2:00 Poplawski, Nikodem Homothetic curvature and geometrization of electromagnetism
2:00 2:12 Finch, Tehani Three-Charge Supertubes in a Rotating Black Hole BackgroundS
2:12 2:24 Corne, Matthew Non-localizability of Electric Coupling and Gravitational Binding of Charged ObjectsS
2:24 2:36 Pitts, J. Brian Spinors in Coordinates: How Ogievetsky and Polubarinov Avoid a Tetrad
2:36 2:48 Sloan, David A Hamiltonian approach to the BKL conjectureS
2:48 3:00 Henderson, Adam The BKL Conjecture in Ashtekar VariablesS
3:00 3:12 Lim, Woei Chet Spikes in the Mixmaster regime of G_2 cosmologies
3:12 3:24 Sabharwal, Subir Numerical solutions to lattice-refined models in Loop Quantum CosmologyS
3:24 3:54COFFEE
3:54 4:06 Wilson-Ewing, Edward The covariant entropy bound and loop quantum cosmology S
4:06 4:18 Taveras, Victor Quantum Extension of Spacetime: The CGHS Model and the Information Loss ProblemS
4:18 4:30 Galley, Chad Second order gravitational self-force via effective field theory
4:30 4:42 Rosenthal, Eran Cosmological backreaction and spatially averaged spatial curvature
4:42 4:54 Kumar, Naresh Backreaction of superhorizon perturbations in scalar field cosmologiesS
4:54 5:06 Bates, Jason Particle Production in a Big Rip CosmologyS
5:06 5:18 Karim, Munawar Got Dark Energy?


08:00 08:30COFFEE
08:30 08:42 Baumgarte, Thomas Initial Data for Moving Puncture Evolutions: The "Stationary 1+log" slicing?
08:42 08:54 Johnson-McDaniel, Nathan Binary Black Hole Initial Data Without Conformal FlatnessS
08:54 09:06 Grigsby, Jason Beyond Conformally-Flat Black-Hole Initial Data S
09:06 09:18 Bode, Tanja Constraint Violations and the Weak Energy Condition in Binary Black Hole Initial DataS
09:18 09:30 Foucart, Francois Initial data for the simulation of black hole-neutron star binaries S
09:30 09:42 Faber, Joshua Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers
09:42 09:54 Duez, Matthew A different way to evolve black hole-neutron star binaries
09:54 10:06 Leonard, Robert Numerical simulations of the scattering of a scalar field by a black hole in the Bondi-SachS
10:06 10:36COFFEE
10:36 10:48 Brown, David Strongly Hyperbolic Extensions of the ADM Hamiltonian
10:48 11:00 Tiglio, Manuel High accuracy multi-block binary black hole simulations
11:00 11:12 Nagle, Ian Spectral Collocation Approximation of Black Hole CollisionsS
11:12 11:24 Pazos, Enrique Last stages of spectral evolution via turducken methodS
11:24 11:36 Zlochower, Yosef Highly-Spinning-Black-Hole Binaries
11:36 11:48 Owen, Robert Computing spin in binary black hole simulations.
11:48 12:00 Lovelace, Geoffrey Numerical simulations of binary black holes with rapid spins
12:00 12:12 Hinder, Ian Eccentric binary black holes in numerical relativity and post-Newtonian theory
12:12 1:48 LUNCH
1:48 2:00 Vaishnav, Birjoo Last few orbits of eccentric binary black holes and LIGOS
2:00 2:12 Alicea-Munoz, Emily Black Hole Mergers as Probes of Structure FormationS
2:12 2:24 Mroue, Abdul Resummation techniques in post-Newtonian approximationsS
2:24 2:36 Yunes, Nicolas The region of validity of post-Newtonian theoryS
2:36 2:48 Hinderer, Tanja Transient resonances in the inspirals of point particles into black holesS
2:48 3:00 Flanagan, Eanna Two timescale expansions of the Einstein equations
3:00 3:12 Lang, Ryan Advanced localization of massive black hole coalescences with LISAS
3:12 3:24 Sundararajan, PraneshThe transition from adiabatic inspiral to geodesic plunge for a compact object around a massS
3:24 3:36 Taylor, Nicolas A second-order in space spectral method for binary black hole evolutions
3:36 4:06COFFEE
4:06 4:18 Nakano, Hiroyuki Post-Newtonian evolutions and numerical relativity
4:18 4:30 Kidder, Lawrence Testing post-Newtonian waveforms with numerical relativity
4:30 4:42 Lousto, CarlosFurther insight into gravitational recoil
4:42 4:54 Kelly, Bernard Modeling Kicks from the Merger of Generic Black-Hole Binaries
4:54 5:06 Schnittman, Jeremy Electromagnetic Signatures of Black Hole Mergers
5:06 5:18 Merritt, David Consequences of Radiation Recoil
5:18 5:30 Sesana, Alberto Recoil effect on GW detection from MBH binaries
5:30 5:42 Owen, Ben Closing remarks - TGG Prize
"S" Denotes Student Status