Mathematical Structures

Physics often advances when crisp mathematical structures are uncovered in a framework developed to describe observed phenomena. For example, in quantum field theory there is a vast discrepancy between the current calculational difficulty in making predictions for experiments and the simple, mathematical form of the end result. The Amplitudes program seeks to explain and exploit this surprising simplicity by reformulating the basic mathematical tools used to make predictions.

IGC members who study Mathematical Structures

NameRoleAffiliationEmailPhoneOffice AddressAffiliated Center(s) Research Topics(s)
Eugenio Bianchi Faculty Physics +1 814 865 7533 315 Whitmore Laboratory CFT Quantum Universe, Mathematical Structures, Black Holes, Loop Quantum Gravity
Martin Bojowald Faculty Physics +1 814 865 3502 304A Whitmore Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures, Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Universe
Jacob Bourjaily Faculty Physics +1 814 865 7533 321A Osmond Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures
Pranav Diwakar Graduate Student Physics +1 814 865 7533 204 Osmond Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures
Patrick Donaghue Graduate Student Math +1 814 865 7527 012 McAllister IGC Mathematical Structures
Mauricio Gamonal Graduate Student Physics -- 322 Whitmore Laboratory CFT Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Universe, Mathematical Structures
Samarth Khandelwal Undergraduate Student Physics, Math N/A N/A Osmond Laboratory CFT, IGC Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, Mathematical Structures, Dynamic Universe
Adrian Ocneanu Faculty Math +1 814 865 4061 225 McAllister CFT Mathematical Structures
Kokkimidis Patatoukos Graduate Student Physics 814 699 1747 005 Osmond Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures
Radu Roiban Faculty Physics +1 814 863 5811 320F Osmond Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures
Ping Xu Faculty Math +1 814 865 3517 109B McAllister CFT Mathematical Structures
Yaqi Zhang Postdoc Physics +1 814 865 7533 na Osmond Laboratory CFT Mathematical Structures