Unnati Akhouri - PhD candidate - Graduate Student
Office: 321 Whitmore
Address: 104 Davey
Email: uja5020@psu.edu
Phone: --

Hi! I am a graduate student in physics, interested in uncovering the fundamental underpinnings of our universe. In particular I am interested in developing methods to understand open quantum systems. I am currently also serving as the President for the Physics and Astronomy for Women+ student group of the Physics department. I have previously worked as a science communicator at Cactus Communications and independently sketch comics on physics (phy-mics) on my website ‘Fatal Physics.’ I hope to contribute to the field of fundamental science as well as education; to use my knowledge and excitement to impart the same in others. I completed my bachelor’s in physics from the University of Delhi and a Masters in mathematical and theoretical physics from the University of Oxford, UK. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to talk about research, outreach, science communication and/or nice walking trails in State College.

My projects