Surendra Padamata - Mr. - Graduate Student
Office: 321 Whitmore Laboratory
Address: 2308 Quail Run Rd
Phone: --

My research interests are numerical relativity and astrophysics of compact objects binary mergers and their microphysics.


  1. Rahul Kashyap, others, "Numerical relativity simulations of prompt collapse mergers: threshold mass and phenomenological constraints on neutron star properties after GW170817." (2021)
  2. A. Perego, D. Logoteta, D. Radice, S. Bernuzzi, R. Kashyap, A. Das, S. Padamata, A. Prakash, "Probing the incompressibility of nuclear matter at ultra-high density through the prompt collapse of asymmetric neutron star binaries." (2021)