Peter Hammond - Postdoctoral Scholar - Postdoc
Office: 307 Whitmore Lab
Address: 104 Davey Lab University Park, PA 16802 US
Phone: +1 814 863 9605

I am a postdoc with the NP3M collaboration. My research is focussed on simulations of binary neutron star mergers, specifically on exploring how composition and reactions can affect the dynamics of the merger and pos-merger remnant.


  1. T. Celora, I. Hawke, P. Hammond, N. Andersson, G. Comer, "Formulating bulk viscosity for neutron star simulations." Physical Review D 105 10 (2022)
  2. P. Hammond, I. Hawke, N. Andersson, "Thermal aspects of neutron star mergers." Physical Review D 104 10 (2021)