David Radice - Assistant Professor - Faculty
Office: 304 Whitmore
Address: 104 Davey Laboratory University Park, PA 16803 US
Email: dur566@psu.edu
Phone: +1 814 865 7533

I am an assistant professor at the Departments of Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics of The Pennsylvania State University.

My research focuses on the study of extreme astrophysical events, such as compact binary mergers and core-collapse supernovae. To this aim I design, implement, and analyze large-scale high-performance computing general-relativistic simulations. My goal is to use simulations, in combination with gravitational-waves and electromagnetic observations, to address fundamental questions such as: what is the nature matter at extreme densities? What is the origin of heavy elements? What is the fate of massive stars? I am also interested in the development of new computational techniques and in the study of the fundamental physical processes operating in these events.


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