Aviral Prakash - Graduate Student - Graduate Student
Office: 317 Whitmore Laboratory
Address: 104 Davey Laboratory, Box 128
Email: aup1075@psu.edu
Phone: --

I am a graduate student in the Department of Physics at Penn State.

Binary neutron star mergers provide excellent laboratories for probing/testing nuclear physics at extreme densities- the kind which are not replicable on Earth. My research includes modeling these mergers via a combination of strong gravity and hydrodynamics and studying the allied high energy phenomenon.

In particular I am interested in studying several aspects of QCD phase transitions from hadrons to quarks in Neutron star cores as they evolve in a binary system and possible gravitational wave imprints which can be detected by 3rd generation gravitational wave detectors.

Other research interests include development of numerical methods for relativistic hydrodynamics.

I can be reached at aup1075@psu.edu


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