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General Information

The workshop will be held at The Atherton Hotel in downtown State College beginning Thursday, February 7 and concluding on Saturday, February 9, 2019 in the early afternoon.

Workshop Motivation

The recent detections of gravitational waves and light from a pair of merging neutron stars, and of neutrinos and gamma-rays from a flaring blazar, marked the beginning of a new era in astronomy. Multi-messenger observations are expected to become common in the next few years. Their interpretation will require intense, close collaboration between traditional astronomers, particle astrophysicists, and gravitational-wave astronomers. The goal of this workshop is to bring together people from these communities to:

The program will consist of a number of few selected presentations and moderated discussion sessions. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and time to lay the foundations for new collaborations.

The workshop is open to anyone, but we have limited the maximum number of participants to about 50. After this number is reached, registration will be closed.

Organizing Committee

Derek Fox
Chad Hanna
Peter Meszaros
Kohta Murase
David Radice
B. Sathyaprakash