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Workshop on Non-Associativity in Physics and Related Mathematical Structures

May 1 - 3, 2014

114 McAllister Building

Workshop Description

Whether non-associativity could play a fundamental role in the formulation of physical theories is a question that has been raised from time to time. There exists a unique (octonionic) quantum mechanics formulated over the exceptional Jordan algebra which is intrinsically non-associative and does not admit a standard Hilbert space formulation. It is also known that Jacobi identity fails in theories describing the motion of a charged particle in the field of a magnetic charge distribution. Non-associativity has also been shown to arise in consistent string backgrounds involving three-form fluxes which has led to a great deal of research activity in recent years.

The purpose of the "Workshop on Non-Associativity in Physics and Related Mathematical Structures" is to bring together physicists and mathematicians whose work involves non-associative structures to review the recent developments and provide a forum for discussions.

Invited speakers include:


There is no registration fee. However, because of limited seating capacity, all participants must register. Please email Randi Neshteruk to register for the workshop.

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in 114 McAllister Building on the Penn State University Park campus.

Information on how to reach State College is available.

A variety of maps of Penn State and State College are available.

Workshop Program

The workshop program is now available.

Hotel Information

A block of rooms has been reserved at The Atherton Hotel and will be held until March 30, 2014. The group rate is $85 per night plus 8.5% tax. Please use the code "NAPRMS" when making reservations.

The Atherton Hotel
125 South Atherton Street
State College, PA 16801
(814) 231-2100 or 800-832-0132 for reservations
The block will be held until March 30, 2014; please use the code "NAPRMS"

Organizing Committee

Martin Bojowald, Murat Gunaydin and Ping Xu

Workshop secretary: Randi Neshteruk

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