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Abhay Fest

June 04-06, 2009

    On the occasion of Dr. Abhay Ashtekar's 60th birthday, the Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos will host Abhayfest 2009 at the Atherton Hotel, State College, Pa. The program will feature many prominent speakers and provide a broad perspective on research in classical general relativity, diverse approaches to quantum gravity and other related areas. View the AbhayFest conference and Penrose public lecture posters.

    Now Available: Conference Proceedings and Photo Gallery


        Abhayfest is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM on Thursday, June 4 and will conclude Saturday, June 6 in the early afternoon. A reception and dinner honoring Dr. Ashtekar is planned for Friday evening. All conference talks, with the exception of Dr. Penrose's public lecture, will be held in Regency A at The Atherton Hotel. Complete Program Information


  • Conference Talks and Dinner: $50.00 p/person.
  • Dinner only: $35.00 p/person.

Registration fee include wine to be served with dinner. Advance registration is required; seating is limited so please register by May 29.

Questions regarding registration please Randi Neshteruk.

Abhayfest Location

     Abhayfest will be held at The Atherton Hotel. A limited number of rooms have been reserved for your convenience. Please refer to Abhayfest when booking.
     The Atherton Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of downtown State College within walking distance of Penn State University, local restaurants and shops.

Atherton Hotel General Information

Contact Information:

The Atherton Hotel
125 South Atherton Street
State College, PA 16801
Telephone Number:800-832-0132 or 814-231-2100

Organizing Committee

Martin Bojowald, Jorge Pullin, Paul Sommers, Randi Neshteruk

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