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Center for Fundamental Theory Center for Theoretical and Observational Cosmology Center for Particle and Gravitational Astrophysics

The Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos is a multidisciplinary institute of Penn State researchers dedicated to the study of the most fundamental structure and constituents of the Universe.

News and Events

  • IGC team lead by Chad Hanna played a critical role in the first ever open public alerts sent by LIGO. [Read article]
  • Insight into how neutron stars are built - an international team of astronomers including current and former members of IGC publish paper describing the research. [Read article]
  • B. Sathyaprakash has been elected Fellow of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation "for his wide-ranging contributions to all aspects of theoretical investigations of gravitational waves, outstanding service to the international gravitational community, and for his leadership in shaping the future of the field through third-generation detectors both in Europe and the US."

IGC Video

The Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos (IGC) is dedicated to fostering the highest quality education and research in cosmology, general relativity, gravitational wave astronomy, particle astrophysics, quantum gravity and string theory, focusing on the highest energy phenomena and fundamental issues in the science of the cosmos.

Please take a few minutes to view an informational video on research conducted at IGC.



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